2018 WCSA Field Status for 10/13/2018 - Last Updated - 10/12 - 8:50 pm League Games Only

Deadline for field update during the week is 3:30 pm. So whatever is showing at 3:30 is final.

Field Status   Field Status   Field Status
Cleves 1(P) OPEN   Cleves 2(P) OPEN   Cleves 3(W) OPEN
Cleves 4(W) OPEN   Cleves 5 (S/K) OPEN   Cleves 6(S/K) OPEN
Cleves 7(W) OPEN   Cleves 8(S/K) Moved to Cleves 6   Cleves 9(P) OPEN
Cleves 10(p) OPEN   Delhi 1 (S/K) OPEN   Delhi 2 (S/K) OPEN
Delhi 3 (W) OPEN   Dulles 1(P) OPEN   Dulles 2(P) OPEN
Kuliga 1(P) OPEN   Kuliga 2(S/K) OPEN   Kuliga 3(W) OPEN
Kuliga 4 (P) OPEN   Miami Twp 1(P) OPEN   Miami Twp 2 (P) OPEN
Miami Twp 3 (W) OPEN   Miami Twp 4 (W) OPEN   Miami Twp 5 (S/K) OPEN
Oskamp (P/W) OPEN   Oskamp (S/K) OPEN
Rapid Run 1(Prepasser Open   Rapid Run 2 (Prepasser) Open   Springmeyer (P) OPEN
St. Antoninus(P) OPEN   St. Antoninus(S/K) OPEN   St. Ignatius 1(P) OPEN
St. Ignatius2(P/W) OPEN   St. Ignatius 3(S/K) OPEN   St. James (P) OPEN
St. James (W/S) OPEN   Veterans (S/K) OPEN   Veterans (W) OPEN
Victory (S/K) OPEN   Vistation (P/W) OPEN   Visitation (S/K) OPEN

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